Penny Lane Necklace in RainbowPenny Lane Necklace in Rainbow
On sale

Penny Lane Necklace in Rainbow

$17 $23
Cabin by Sea NecklaceCabin by Sea Necklace

Cabin by Sea Necklace

First Love NecklaceFirst Love Necklace

First Love Necklace

Happy Land NecklaceHappy Land Necklace

Happy Land Necklace

Everglow NecklaceEverglow Necklace

Everglow Necklace

Penny Lane Necklace in ZinniaPenny Lane Necklace in Zinnia
On sale

Penny Lane Necklace in Zinnia

$17 $23
Gold Dust Woman ChokerGold Dust Woman Choker
On sale
Bianca Stratford ChokerBianca Stratford Choker
On sale
This or That NecklaceThis or That Necklace
On sale

This or That Necklace

$22 $25
Froot NecklaceFroot Necklace
On sale

Froot Necklace

$29 $35
Fuji Beach NecklaceFuji Beach Necklace

Fuji Beach Necklace

Flower Balance NecklaceFlower Balance Necklace
On sale

Flower Balance Necklace

$21 $25
Golden Week NecklaceGolden Week Necklace
Sold out

Golden Week Necklace

Fairyland NecklaceFairyland Necklace

Fairyland Necklace

Moondance NecklaceMoondance Necklace
On sale
Mabel Pines NecklaceMabel Pines Necklace
On sale
Glass Beach NecklaceGlass Beach Necklace

Glass Beach Necklace

Penny Lane Necklace in PoppyPenny Lane Necklace in Poppy
On sale

Penny Lane Necklace in Poppy

$17 $23
Flipped My Heart NecklaceFlipped My Heart Necklace
On sale

Flipped My Heart Necklace

$25 $35
Chelsea's NecklaceChelsea's Necklace

Chelsea's Necklace

Fruit Party NecklaceFruit Party Necklace
On sale

Fruit Party Necklace

$29 $37
Bliss Necklace

Bliss Necklace

First Date NecklaceFirst Date Necklace
On sale

First Date Necklace

$21 $23

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