Waffle Claw in Green AppleWaffle Claw in Green Apple

Waffle Claw in Green Apple

Moondance RingMoondance Ring
On sale

Moondance Ring

$15 $18
Cherry Mini ClawCherry Mini Claw

Cherry Mini Claw

Blue Yogurt RingBlue Yogurt Ring

Blue Yogurt Ring

Balanced ClawBalanced Claw

Balanced Claw

Taro Ice Cream RingTaro Ice Cream Ring

Taro Ice Cream Ring

Fudge Ring in ApriotFudge Ring in Apriot

Fudge Ring in Apriot

Tulip ClawTulip Claw

Tulip Claw

Lights Up RingLights Up Ring

Lights Up Ring

Dolores Claw in WhiteDolores Claw in White

Dolores Claw in White

FLO Milk RingFLO Milk Ring

FLO Milk Ring

Candy Crush ClawCandy Crush Claw

Candy Crush Claw

Sugar Gummy Ring in Creamy CakeSugar Gummy Ring in Creamy Cake
On sale
Magic Mushrooms ClawMagic Mushrooms Claw

Magic Mushrooms Claw

Lover ClawLover Claw

Lover Claw

Daisy Mini ClawDaisy Mini Claw

Daisy Mini Claw

Lazy Daisy ClawLazy Daisy Claw

Lazy Daisy Claw

Dreamland Donut ClawDreamland Donut Claw

Dreamland Donut Claw

Matcha Pudding RingMatcha Pudding Ring

Matcha Pudding Ring

From $19
Wave Claw in ConfettiWave Claw in Confetti

Wave Claw in Confetti

Wave Claw in SunsetWave Claw in Sunset

Wave Claw in Sunset

Fuji Beach NecklaceFuji Beach Necklace

Fuji Beach Necklace

Fairyland NecklaceFairyland Necklace

Fairyland Necklace

Floral Mini Claw SetFloral Mini Claw Set

Floral Mini Claw Set

Mini Claw in LavenderMini Claw in Lavender

Mini Claw in Lavender

Devil Eye in CrimsonDevil Eye in Crimson

Devil Eye in Crimson

Devil Eye in MidnightDevil Eye in Midnight

Devil Eye in Midnight

Cherry in Sunset ClawCherry in Sunset Claw

Cherry in Sunset Claw

Vina Mini ClawVina Mini Claw

Vina Mini Claw

Paris Claw in CreamParis Claw in Cream

Paris Claw in Cream

Happy Land NecklaceHappy Land Necklace

Happy Land Necklace

Milk and Honey ClawMilk and Honey Claw

Milk and Honey Claw

Lemon Tart ClawLemon Tart Claw

Lemon Tart Claw


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