Apple in Eye RingApple in Eye Ring

Apple in Eye Ring

$25 $29
Cherry Mini ClawCherry Mini Claw

Cherry Mini Claw

Hot Lava ClawHot Lava Claw

Hot Lava Claw

Xmas Light Scrunchie

Xmas Light Scrunchie

Colorful Day Earrings

Colorful Day Earrings

$22 $25
Bloomy ClipBloomy Clip

Bloomy Clip

Fluffy Claw in CreamFluffy Claw in Cream

Fluffy Claw in Cream

Milk and Honey ClawMilk and Honey Claw

Milk and Honey Claw

Berry Cupcake RingBerry Cupcake Ring

Berry Cupcake Ring

$25 $29
Waffle Claw in Green AppleWaffle Claw in Green Apple

Waffle Claw in Green Apple

Ada's Ring in 7-upAda's Ring in 7-up

Ada's Ring in 7-up

Cherry Ice-Cream ClipCherry Ice-Cream Clip

Cherry Ice-Cream Clip

Origami Hand MirrorOrigami Hand Mirror

Origami Hand Mirror

Mini Claw in CreamMini Claw in Cream

Mini Claw in Cream

Avocado Smoothie RingAvocado Smoothie Ring

Avocado Smoothie Ring

$25 $29
Blue Yogurt RingBlue Yogurt Ring

Blue Yogurt Ring

$25 $29
Sweet Marshmallow RingSweet Marshmallow Ring

Sweet Marshmallow Ring

$25 $29
FLO Milk RingFLO Milk Ring

FLO Milk Ring

$25 $29
Balanced ClawBalanced Claw

Balanced Claw

Lights Up RingLights Up Ring

Lights Up Ring

$24 $27
Watermelon Sugar RingWatermelon Sugar Ring

Watermelon Sugar Ring

$28 $32
Fudge Ring in ApriotFudge Ring in Apriot

Fudge Ring in Apriot

Matcha Pudding RingMatcha Pudding Ring

Matcha Pudding Ring

From $22

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